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Ipomoea abrupta R.Br.

Pdr. Fl. Nov. Holland.: 485

Photograph by Kym Nicolson (CC-By) via iNaturalist. February 2021.
Photograph by Iallen (CC-0) via iNaturalist. May 2019.
Holotype specimen at BM herbarium.

A liana endemic to Northern Australia. According to Austin (1993), it occurs in Eucalyptus woodlands and open forests on sandy and skeletal soils, although Johnson (2012) notes this species is very variable and may contain several taxa.

This species is part of a group of Australian endemic species nested in Ipomoea Clade A1, likely the result of long distance dispersal from the American continent followed by species diversification in Australia.

COUNTRIES: Australia.

DNA SEQUENCES: H.S. Mekee, 8283 (ITS); N. Byrnes, 2486 (ITS).